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My name is Renee Fundytus and I am the face behind Little Birdy Pottery.  I am a full time potter living in Lloydminster, Alberta, and a proud member of the Alberta Craft Council.

I love to create pots that will be used in everyday life. For this reason, I am often drawn to matte glazes for how soft they feel against your skin.  Some of my favourite pieces to create are mugs and earrings.  

I also create a line of jewelry, based around clay and gold.  I love being able to design unique pieces, that are both beautiful and durable.  As a consumer, I was finding that lots of the jewelry I would buy in the stores was of poor quality.  The finishes would wear off, the metals would react with my skin, or they would break after I wore them a few times.  Because of this I started to wonder if I could create something better, so I did!  All of my jewelry is handcrafted in my studio.  Each piece is then combined with 14K gold filled finishes.  

All of my work is fired to 2200 degrees in my kiln.  During this process the heat in the kiln transforms the glazes, giving each piece a unique finish.  I love being able to create earrings that are truly one of a kind. Even within my work, no 2 pairs are ever exactly the same.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page.  I am incredibly blessed to be able to spend my days in my studio, creating work that I love.